The Hallowed People are a relatively new polity, having been formed 600 years ago. It is a theocracy, led by a religious leader that is considered a near-deity by the citizenry. They consider themselves soldiers of righteousness and hunt down evil where they can find it. Their definition of evil is very different from most, however, as they consider a number of races purely evil and will kill members of those races on sight.

Formation and Early History Edit

The Hallowed People was formed by Ollivar Huet, a religious pilgrim from Sorfait. He fled Sorfait in disgust with their devil-worship with a number of followers, intent on creating his own society. In its early days, The Hallowed People accepted members of any race or creed, as long as their beliefs didn't harm others. However, when Ollivar died, his place was taken by Udira Erwit. Erwit was far less accepting than Ollivar, and she began the process of separating "good" races from "evil" ones1. This wasn't immediate, as many people living in The Hallowed People territory didn't support the new regime, but over several generations of leaders, these changes became permanent.

Modern Times Edit

As time went on, the forced separation of races became enslavement and genocide. When The People was formed, The Hallowed People were offered a founding position, under the condition that they dropped their practice of righteous murder. The Hallowed People refused to drop these practices, and as such, they are not a member of The People.

Recently, they have become more and more expansionist, creating colonies in nearby islands and unsettled land. Small border conflicts have erupted over these expansions, and tensions are rising between The Hallowed People and their neighbors, Dorn especially.

1 list of races considered evil by The Hallowed People