Storm Mages are mages who have trained their entire lives for the sole purpose of dampening the effects of arcane storms. There are very few as the training typically begins as early as four years old, and he life of a Storm Mage is long. However, they have a huge amount of influence and power.


They are trained from four till they have mastered the art, which is typically around 20. Their training involves complete mastery over all forms of elemental magic, as well as a number of things that are unknown to the general public. when they are ready, they are inducted into one of the locations that requires a storm mage.


Storm Mages spend most of their lives, at least until they are no able to perform at peak efficiency,  working as a Storm Mage. A particularly talented Storm Mage may become the head Storm Mage in a city.

Notable Storm MagesEdit

June Kalarrow - The youngest person to ever become a Storm Mage, let alone the head Storm Mage of Redrock Citadel. She took that position at 13. She is currently the head Storm Mage.

Gorgios Telani - The first storm mage,  also notably a Kobold. Years 537 - 651