Redrock Citadel is the capital of Dorn. It is located on Horseshoe Lake on the Bronze Isle.

Redrock Citadel
Redrock Citadel
representative map of Redrock Citadel
Some attributes
First 500,000 People
Second 126 square miles
Third Production/Government City
Other attributes


Redrock Citadel is a massive city surrounded by water with a land bridge connecting it to the rest of the islnd. it is surrounded on all sides by a huge metal-reinforced wall. Numerous canals crisscross the city, moving boats full of passengers to other districts.

The city is split up into five main sections: the rose district, where many of the engineers and arcanists of the city live with other elites; Hightown, where the city's upperclass and fortunate live; the purse district, where numerous shops, utilities, and merchant housings are placed; red district, where most of the general housing is placed, and citadel district, where the government buildings and the citadel are located.

Over the city, the white tower and Storm Magistary jut upwards. The white tower is the location of the council meetings. The storm magistary, just like in every other large Dorn city, is where the city's Storm Mages are located.


The main purpose of Redrock Citadel is to govern and to organize the polity of Dorn. The city is also a production city. Numerous goods and items are created in the city to be used elsewhere.


The city is defended by metal-reinforced walls, twin gates, a number of guard towers, and a large citadel. There are also 10,000 soldiers in the city at all times, as well as a scattered number of Powder Knights. The various guilds and mercenary organizations also have a number of troops fit for fighting.