M'Ruk Katoor was a dwarven warlord and the first Lord Commander of Dorn. He fought and contained the Illithid hive that was plagueing the Bronze Isle.

Early LifeEdit

M'Ruk grew up in the mainland nation, The Republic of Oprage. His father was a politician, and his mother was a Knight-Errant. He grew up comfortably in the capital city of the republic, Cartay. He became a Knight-Errant himself as soon as he could.

Move to the Bronze IsleEdit

He and his company were hired to exterminate a hive of Illithid on the Bronze Isle in the Farkellian Archipelago. He fought the Illithid for several years, only winning when he united the city-states inhabitting the island to contain the Illithid. He trapped their hive master in the catacomb's beneath the fortress where he housed his company, M'Ruk's Retreat.


After he defeated the illithid, he unified the city-states under his rule in a coup, forcing out their previous leaders. He left them mostly autonomous, but he created Dorn to govern the union of city-states. He was the first Lord Commander of Dorn.


He died of natural means at the age of 212. The rule of Dorn was passed on to the highest ranking military official.