Guilds have become a force to be reconned with across Duurn, especially in the Farkellian Archipelago. Guilds form for a variety of reasons and around a variety of groups. They can form as a trade guild or even just a company of like-minded individuals. Some guilds gain power across continents, while others only influence small areas. Whatever their size or purpose, guilds have become a facet of life in Duurn.

Craft GuildEdit

The craft guild is one of the first guilds. It was created as a simple trade union, but it has expanded and now speaks for most craftsmen and women in Dorn. It is generally considered to be an upfront and honest guild, but they have been suspected of some shady dealings in the past, such as economic sabotage of their competitors.

The VoicelessEdit

The Voiceless is a mercenary guild. It is well known as an assassins guild, but assassins are illegal to hire so they go as mercenaries. Every mercenary in the guild is a slave, and the guild's influence allows that to go unstopped by most polities. Each assassin has their tongue cut out and is unable to write or read, making them unable to reveal any information. It is very expensive to hire a voiceless assassin.

The Silver Circle CompanyEdit

The Silver Circle Company (SCC) is a guild of mercenaries. It is unusual in that the mercenaries are all magic users.

The Secret KeepersEdit

The Secret Keepers is a guild formed to find and obtain artifacts and magical items. The items are then hidden away or used, depending on the usefulness of the item.