Illithid are abominable creatures that are highly intelligent and have powerful psionic abilities.


Illithids are tall humanoids with skin of varying colors. Their mouths are an array of tentacles, and their fingers and toes are webbed.

They are immensely intelligent and arrogant. Due to their immense intelligence, they are typically evil, as they deem other species to be lesser and have no qualms about indulging their curiosity and experimenting on other species. Not all Illithid are evil, however.


Illithid tend to work alone or in small hives, emplying a large number of thralls to aid them. They have not formed any known of polities.


Illithid were created by Oberros, the Old One of creativity, intelligence, and the mind. They do not have a species history as they typically work in small groups, but they are known for controlling entire regions from behind the scenes. Many major events have been orchestrated by Illithid. They are feared and hated by most.