Humans are the most common species. They breed quickly, grow up and die quickly, and learn quickly. Nearly every major continent and landmass contains some humans. Rarely do they create polities of their own, but they often become prominent in polities in which they are present.


Humans range an average of 5' to 6'. They have varying skin color, hair color, and eye color.

They are inentive and clever. Due to their short lifespans, humans often work much harder for renown than other races, knowing that they have less time. As a result, there are a comparatively large number of human heroes.

They do not have as much innate magical ability as other races, though they are still able to control minor magicks.


There are not currently any human-created polities. However, there have been a few in history.

Serulial Empire


Varhad Meritocracy


Humans were created by the Old One Ipthos, the embodiment of perseverance, invention, and strength. Since then they have historically been a species whose members fall from memory just as quickly as they rise. They are very short lived compared to most other races, and they are often considered as less than other races due to this.