Historical polities are those which have existed within the last 1000 - 1500 years but do not exist now.

Major PolitiesEdit

Major polities are those polities that had a noticeable imapct on the area where they existed or the world.

The Republic of OprageEdit

The Republic of Oprage existed from 1,800 years ago to 700 years ago. They eventually fell mostly due to internal conflict. They were a major trade empire located on the western coast of Jideran.

Minor PolitiesEdit

Minor polities are those that didn't have a lasting effect or legacy but still are known of.


Ulagmor was a small democracy located nearly in the direct center of Jideran. They existed from 700 years ago to 400 years ago. They were a splinter group from The Republic of Oprage that emerged when it crumbled. It fell due to imperialistic conquest by Thrashet, the polity to their east.