Dwarves live longer than humans, though not as long as many other species. They are fairly rare but a few can be found in most major cities. They are excellent craftsmen, having an innate magial ability for invention and creation. They are short and stocky.


Dwarves are typically around 4 feet tall. They have varying skin color, eye color, and hair color. However, their colors are often earthy and darker.

Dwarves are excellent craftsmen and inventors. They seem to have innate sense for creating technology. Dwarves do not typically become renowned, due to their private nature. They tend to spend most of their time alone or with a small group of like-minded individuals.

They have a large amount of innate magic, though it does not manifest as a physical magic but as an innate sense for materials and creations.


There are currently a few dwarf-run or created polities.




The Gadsbrek technocracy

There are also a few dwarven polities that no longer exist.


The Republic of Oprage


Dwarves were created, just like humans, by one of the Old Ones, Ipthos, the embodiment of perseverance, invention, and strength. Dwarven inventors have made some of the most significant advancements in technology, including the Dorn sea walls, firearms, and golems (though golems could be considered arcane in nature). However, as stated before, dwarves do not typically become renowned as great heroes.