Blackcoats are the enforcers of The People. They tend towards deception, assassination, and a certain degree of infamy as their main tools. They were founded 13 years after The People, as an attempt to give The People their own intelligence and special operations service, rather than relying on what was granted by the chartered nations.

Formation Edit

The Blackcoats were formed 87 years ago by Alura Filkhallow as a response to faulty intelligence being fed to The People by several of the chartered nations. The Blackcoats was swiftly created, and the individuals involved in the false information mysteriously disappeared. Since then, the organization has expanded to include small unit operations and high-lever bounty hunting under its job description.

Current Influence Edit

Recently, the Blackcoats have been falling under suspicion of tampering with the overthrow of several polities that were posturing themselves against The People. No evidence is forthcoming, but the circumstances of the deaths of the polities' leaders is suspicious at best.

Despite this, the Blackcoats are generally well thought of, as they are involved in the capture or killing of many well-known and hated brigands and murderers over the years. They began bounty-hunting operations when it became clear that criminals would often slip into neighboring nations in order to avoid the law enforcement of the nation they were wanted in.

Notable Members Edit

Alura Filkhallow - She was the founder of the organization, and she still leads the group to this day. She is proficient in a large number of martial disciplines and is well-suited, as a skinchanger, towards subterfuge.