Arcanists are people that have devoted themselves to the study of how magic interacts with the natural world.

History of ArcanologyEdit

Arcanology has been around for about 2,000 years. The first arcanist is thought to be Ilik Ortol, an Elf. He pioneered the study of magic and how it interacts with the world. He was the first to find the direct connection between the mortal plane and the Elemental Chaos. Erik Dale, a human arcanist, was the first to realize the effect of te connection, that the laws of the universe were in constant change, holding technological advancement in place.

Modern ArcanologyEdit

Today, arcanists are mostly focused on trying to find a way to get around the technological standstill. Nations that concern themselves with technology and invention typically sponsor arcanology so as to keep on the edge of what can be done with what they are given. Arcanists are now trying to replace the necessary mechanical parts of mroe advanced machines with magical substitutes that perform the same function. The main setback is the immense amount of energy that the constant use of such magical parts requires. However, a lot of progress has been made, and many are hopeful that a solution will present itself in the near future.