Arcane storms are weather patterns unique to areas that lay directly on an arcane node. They typically consist of normal weather augmented or enhanced with magical attributes.


Arcane storms give off a huge amount of magical energy. They can be less than dangerous or they could be highly dangerous, such as voidstorms. They typically are highly destructive and have caused many issues for settlements that rest in these areas. They would not be settled areas if not for the fact that high amounts of residuum exist in these areas as well.

Arcane storms are simply normal weather patetrns with added effects or enhancements, so there are different types of each arcane storm.

Common TypesEdit

Abjuration Storms: Abjuration storms are an uncommon type of arcane storm. They are often benefician in nature, making people hardier and more resistant.

Elemental Storm: These storms are the most common and devastatingly dangerous. Pure arcane energy rains from the heavens and flays the earth during these storms.

Apparition Storm: These storms produce hallucinations in those who do not have a high enough willpower to resist its effects.

Void Storm: These storms produce swirling patches of nothingness which consume everything they touch. These storms are incredibly rare but are arguably the most dangerous type.

Divination Storm: These storms force your vision into other planes of existence and/or make your senses center on a place far away from you.

Well-Known StormsEdit

The Dust Storm of 1823: The storm that resulted from the overextension of wild magic and formed The Dust.

Des Weile's Storm: The storm categorized by Des Weile as the largest and most powerful arcane void storm to have ever occurred.

Divination Storm of 1892: A divination storm that led to a continent wide war when a Kaligarian official was treated to the sight of a plot by Unteroplin to make a surprise attack against a Kaligarian colony.